How could a drone help your business?

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are aircraft piloted by remote control or onboard computers. Commonly referred to as drones, this technology has the potential to create efficiencies and offer cost savings to businesses willing to incorporate their use into current business practices.

What ScaleData provides

Community Drone Plan

ScaleData can develop community drone plans aimed at creating guidelines and best practices for use of drones by utilities and emergency responders.

Reduce Utility Line Inspection Cost

High-definition cameras allow the UAV pilots to capture high quality images as well as GPS coordinates of where the image is taken for analysis. UAVs can reduce utility line inspection cost by reducing the manpower required to inspect line. Since driving down the road is not required, only the UAV pilot is present during line inspection. Where blind sections are a concern, UAVs will decrease the time needed to walk out the line as well as providing a birds eye view of the line in question.

Identify Outage Cause & Reduce Costs

UAVs provide a safe platform for viewing outage causes as well major storm damage. All equipment can be viewed from above allowing the pilot to maintain a safe distance while still capturing quality images for analysis.

Videography & Photography

UAVs can be a tool to capture high definition photos or videos during the development process of residential or commercial properties.

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