Introducing LINCPOINTE

ScaleData’s Lincpointe platform links users to smart tools through an online and mobile-friendly application. The Lincpointe platform provides users with the ability to make better decisions based on the latest information and analytics. Collaborative features of Lincpointe give users the opportunity to interact and collaborate with others on projects. Integration with social media applications help expand an organization’s influence by allowing users to quickly share social media posts within the Lincpointe platform.

Lincpointe applications include:

  • BI/Analytics: Visualize financial and strategic initiative data.
  • Strategic Plan: Track progress of Optimization Plan using graphs, data and research.
  • Business Cases: Review, analyze and track progress of all business cases.
  • Social Media: Easily share your brand's story via social platforms.
  • Maps: See community data identified on interactive smart maps.
  • Directory: Interact and connect with key contacts.
  • Documents: View all documents and reference materials.
  • Legislative Tracking: Discover and track all current house bills.
  • Events: View calendar for upcoming events and meetings.
  • Forums/Collaboration: Exchange thoughts and ideas through discussions.
  • News: Stay up-to-date on latest news and share stories on social media.
  • Smart Tech: Never miss the industry's latest news on your favorite technology.

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