Smart Pointe

A way companies can implement smart technology at their own pace and optimize for digital transformation.

smartpointeCommunities and organizations implement smart technologies, one pointe at a time. A SmartPointe analysis optimizes technology for digital transformation.

Digital Vision

The first step to implementing SmartPointes is to create, identify and align an organization’s digital vision. Organizations must envision their digital future to ignite transformation.

Digital Gap Analysis

A gap analysis measures the variation between current state and desired state of an organization’s SmartPointe plan.

Digital Solutions Requirements

The next step is to identify all requirements to meet the desired solution for effective implementation. These requirements establish key performance indicators for the SmartPointe plan.

Digital Modeling

Consultants model perspective solutions for organizations through business cases and present a Return On Investment (ROI) assessment to the organization.

Digital Opportunities

At the end of the consulting process, a personalized, digital optimization plan is developed to implement digital transformation in your organization, place and community.

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